Matrix X upgrade (July 2020)

When you log into Matrix on Tuesday, July 28, you will notice that the home page and main menu look a bit different. A system update is going to be installed early that morning which will modernize the Matrix user interface (appearance). Don’t worry, though- this upgrade is almost exclusively cosmetic. The vast majority of Matrix functionality (including search screens and listing Add/Edit) will remain exactly the same.

The main objective behind this upgrade (known as Matrix X) is to simplify the menu structure at the top of Matrix so it only includes links to the system’s core functionality. Rest assured, nothing has been removed from Matrix. You can still access all of the features and functions that you are used to.

The major difference you will notice right away is that the main menu bar going across the top of Matrix has changed:


The Home tab is gone, but you can still get back to the home page from any Matrix screen by going to My Matrix and clicking Dashboard (or simply by clicking on My Matrix):


The other significant change in the menu structure is that the Settings option has been moved from My Matrix to the Utility Menu (accessible by clicking on your name in the upper right of Matrix):


You may also use this Utility Menu to switch between Matrix teammates (if you have Identity Sharing enabled), access the Matrix Help section and Logout of your Matrix session.

Click here for a very brief video that highlights the cosmetic changes that have been made to the Matrix main menu.

In addition to the main menu, one section of Matrix that has noticeably changed with this Matrix upgrade is the process of adding a Contact. You still begin by going to My Matrix> Contacts, but once the Add Contact window opens, you’ll notice that it looks quite different. The name (first and last) and email address fields are still required (as it was with the previous version of Matrix), but the appearance and layout of the screen are quite a bit different.


1. Import: click the arrow to upload a .csv file containing the contacts you would like to import into Matrix.
2. Add: click the Add button to add a new contact.
3. Bulk Actions: use this icon to perform any of the following actions on selected contact(s):
     • Export- download the selected contact(s) as a .csv file.
     • Set Active- set the selected inactive contact’s status to Active.
     • Set Inactive- set the selected active contact’s status to Inactive.
     • Delete- permanently remove the selected contact(s) and all their associated data.
4. Status: click the Status dropdown list to only view contacts based on the selected status.
     • Active- view active contacts only.
     • Inactive- view inactive contacts only.
     • All- view all active and inactive contacts.
5. Filter: click the Filter dropdown list to only view those contacts that fulfill specific criteria, such as contacts with active auto emails, or those contacts that have no saved searches.
6. Text Filter: search for a specific contact by entering their name, email address or reference number (Ref#).
7. Results per page: update how many contacts display on each page.
8. Contact Name: click a contact’s name to view or edit their information

Here is a short video that covers the new Add Contact screens.

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