Entering a listing for raw land


All raw (undeveloped) land will show a street number of 00. This is because municipalities do not assign a street number until a parcel has been purchased with the intent of being developed.

If an official USPS street number has been assigned to a property, you may use that on the listing.

However, if there is no official USPS street number assigned, you should add the Lot and APN information to the Street Name field when entering the listing into the MLS. This information can be located in the Assessor's APN field on the SmartMLS public record for the property:




This is how the listing looks when adding the Lot and APN to the Street Name field:




Unfortunately, there is a character number limit in the Street Number field which prevents you from adding the Lot and APN information there.

When listing raw land, please use the Directions field (on the Additional Info tab) to include detailed driving directions on your listing.


Note: you will get an Input Warning when clicking Submit Listing to save the listing:




Just click Submit Listing a second time to bypass the warning and save your listing.


For closed raw land listings, once the building is completed and the municipality has assigned a street number to the parcel please email our Compliance department (compliance@smartmls.com) and we will go into the Closed listing and update the street address accordingly.




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