Market Share for Withhold from MLS listings

In a Withhold from MLS listing scenario, the seller has instructed their agent not to submit their property to the MLS.  If the seller changes their mind and wants to submit the property to the MLS, it must be after a minimum of 30 days from the start of the Listing Agreement.  At that point, the listing will appear on the MLS the same as every other listing and, if it ends up selling, the transaction will be included in the listing and selling agents market share/volume calculation statistics.

However, if the seller never opts to activate the listing (which removes the Withhold from MLS designation and makes the listing visible to all Matrix users and their customers) and the property ends up selling, it will not be included in the market share/volume calculations for either the listing or selling agent.  The listing will be able to be marked Closed by the list agent and other Matrix users will be able to see it as such, but it will be a Comp Only listing where no credit is given to either the list or sales agent.  This is because the listing was never available to be seen by other SmartMLS subscribers, therefore the MLS had nothing to do with the sale.

From the SmartMLS Rules & Regulations:

Section 4.13 Non-MLS Closed Transaction
The Participant shall have the option to enter into the MLS a Non-MLS Closed transaction. A transaction where the property was not listed in the MLS, but where the sale was assisted by the Participant would qualify for entry. Any such Non-MLS Closed Transaction must be filed with the system as incomplete with at least one exterior photo and a Non-MLS Closed transaction form must also uploaded. Non-MLS Closed transactions will not be included in market share statistics but entered for comparable sales purposes only. (Updated 2/19)

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