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If you want to find all of the properties that are within a specific distance of a particular address, you can do so right from the Matrix Tax search screen.

After you click Tax in the menu bar, go to the top center of the search screen and you will see this section:



Use the Within drop down menu to select your radius (distance from the center point):



Then start entering the address you would like to be the center point of your search.  As you type, Matrix will give you suggestions for matching addresses:




Click on the correct address to make it your center point.

It is a good idea to keep an eye on the number of matches in the bottom left corner of the search screen.  If you have too many matches, you may want to decrease the size of your radius; if you have too few matches, you should increase the size of your radius.

Remember: the radius you choose is half the total size of the circle that you are drawing around your center point.  If you choose a radius of 2 miles, the size of the circle is actually 4 miles across (two miles in every direction from the center point).

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