Forwarding Matrix auto emails

Some Matrix uses like to set themselves up as the Contact for an Auto Email so they can receive the email first and then forward it to their client from their own email address.  This can actually be quite detrimental and cause you unnecessary headaches.

Here is why :
When you create a contact in Matrix, you are also creating a unique, private Client Portal for that specific person.  Any emails you send them, either manually or through the auto email function, will appear in their Portal.  If you create a Contact for yourself in Matrix and send yourself an email from Matrix which you then forward to someone else, you are actually forwarding that person access to your own Client Portal.  As a result, that person may be able to see listings, reports and other confidential messages that you sent to other clients.

It is always best to create a separate Matrix Contact for each of the customers with whom you are working.  If you are setting up an auto email and would like control over the listings that are being sent to the Contact, set them up on Concierge Mode .  That allows you to vet the listings that match their auto email search and only approve those listings you want them to receive.

All Matrix emails are designed to appear as though they are coming directly from your personal email address (the one SmartMLS has on file for you), as opposed from the Matrix email server, which is technically where they are coming from.  This makes the process of sending the email to yourself first and then forwarding it to a client (so it appears like it came right from you) unnecessary.

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