Photographer Information section (on Photographers & Virtual Tours tab in Add/Edit)


We have recently adjusted the tab in Add/Edit formerly known as Virtual Tours.  It's now known as Photographers & Virtual Tours and includes a section called Photographer Information :





This change was implemented to protect listing agents and the photos that are uploaded to their listings.  Listing photos are creative works that are protected by copyright law. It is vital that you either own the copyright or have the proper license to use any photos that you upload to your listing within the MLS.

There are three new fields at the top of the screen:

  1. Photographs Taken By is a required field that allows the list agent to give the proper credit to the source of the photos:

    MLS Verified Photographer applies to any listing photo taken by a SmartMLS Verified Photographer.  You must enter their Photographer ID in the field below.

    Seller should be used if the photo(s) you are uploading were provided to you by the seller/homeowner.

    Self means you are uploading photos you have taken yourself (or by your broker).  There is nothing additional you need to do.

    Other means someone other than yourself or a Verified Photographer has provided the photos you are uploading. You must upload a copy of the license agreement you have with the source of the photos in Manage Supplements.  There is a specific supplement type ( Private- Photo License ) designed for these instances.

    Broker Authorized Photographer
    should be used when your Firm/Office has a Broker Authorized Agreement on file with SmartMLS.  Please check with your broker if you are unsure about this option.

  2. The Photographer MLS ID field enables the list agent to select the verified photographer that will be providing the photos for the listing.  It also gives that photographer permission to access the listing to manage the photos and/or virtual tours (if desired).

  3. Allow Photographer to edit photos is a Yes/No field that allows you to control whether the MLS Verified Photographer you are using to shoot the property will also be able to manage the photos and/or virtual tours on your listing.  You only need to worry about this field if you are using a MLS Verified Photographer.  If you choose any of the other options but MLS Verified Photographer you can skip this field completely.

    Note : you do not automatically have to allow the verified photographer to manage your listing's photos/virtual tours.  You can still use them to provide the media to you, and then you can manage it within Matrix yourself.


We have a special page on the SmartMLS website dedicated to real estate photography, copyright/license issues, the SmartMLS Verified Photographer Network and much more.




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