Print header photo won't update

When you go to My Matrix> My Information and update your Header photo, it takes the Print Header a little while to refresh and show the new photo.

If it does not update within 30 minutes, there are a few tricks you can try to force it to update.  You do not have to do all three of these suggestions.  Stop after one of them works.

  1. Go back to My Matrix> My Information and edit any of the fields and click Save .  This will trigger Matrix to update the Print Header image.


  2. Go to the Banner Image field (on the Header & Footer tab) and click Select a different banner image/theme to temporarily change the banner image.  Just select any other image, click Preview and then Save .  Then immediately go back and switch back to the image you were originally using.  A lot of times, this is enough to force the photo to update in the Print Header so it matches the Portal Header.


  3. If that does not work, log out of Matrix and the SmartMLS member dashboard and clear your browser's cache. Click here for instructions on clearing the cache.

    After you clear the cache, close the browser completely and then re-open it and try Matrix again.  The Print Header image should have updated and should now display the updated agent photo (matching the Portal Header).

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