Benefits of Matrix Auto Email / Portal

Some MLS users will email their clients listings from other websites or consumer portals rather than sending the email from within Matrix.  This article is designed to explain why that is counterproductive to you and your business.

  • When you set up a buyer as a contact in Matrix, their Client Portal can be branded with your information.  Whenever they get an auto email from you (or anything else you send them from Matrix), your personal information will be right in front of their eyes (in the Portal Header at the top of the screen).

    If you are emailing them listings from other sites or portals, they will not be seeing your face/name/contact information as they would through the Portal.

  • Portal displays are public-facing, so there is no other agent/brokerage information on the listings.  The only agent information they will see will be yours.

  • Clients can run their own searches within their Portal.  This gives them similar access to MLS data to what you have as an agent.  They can mark listings as Favorites, Possibilities or Discards (which you will be able to see), allowing you to gauge their particular areas of interest.

  • Portal Notes gives you another communication channel to discuss specific listings.

  • Would you rather be their point of contact, or run the risk that the reach out to some random agent whose contact information they see on a 3rd party site/portal?

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