Agent Production Detail vs. Agent Inventory and Production reports


When you go to the Market Reports menu, you might have noticed that there are two reports that seem to be the same thing: Agent Production Detail and Agent Inventory and Production:



These two reports are indeed quite similar, but there are a couple of significant distinctions between them.

The major difference between the two is that the Agent Production Detail report only includes Closed listings, whereas the Agent Inventory and Production report includes both Closed listings and currently Active, UC-CTS and UC listings.

The two reports also differ greatly in how granularly they display the listings.  The Agent Production Detail is just a single line display of the agent's closed listings for the specified time period.  All listings are grouped together:


The report also shows which side of the transaction the agent was on, the number of agents on that side of the transaction and their subsequent share (Units) and volume.


Agent Inventory Production

The Agent Inventory and Production is a lot more granular.  There is a statistical section at the top (Production Section) that provides List and Sold Volume, average List and Sold Price and list/sales price ratios for the agent's closed listings:


Beneath that, in the Production Detail section, it breaks down all of the closed listings based on the side(s) the agent was on:


It also provides a couple of sections (Inventory Summary and Inventory Detail) that display the agent's active inventory broken down by property type and status:



Here is the Inventory Detail section:




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