Office Inventory and Production report

The Office Inventory and Production report is a great tool to help gauge how your office (or another office) has done over a given time period.

Click Market Reports in the main menu bar of Matrix and you will see the following options:


After clicking Office Inventory and Production , the search screen will open:


The time frame will default to year-to-date for the current year.  You may keep it at the default or set up whatever time frame you would like.

Typically, the only other field to be concerned with is the Office ID , although you may certainly use the Office Name, Type and City fields to narrow your search if you do not know the Office ID.

Note : if you are going to use the Office Name field, you must type it in exactly as it appears within the Matrix office roster.  If you do not, you will not get any results when you generate the report. In light of this, you might be best doing an Office Search ahead of time to make sure you are using the correct spelling of the name (or just use the Office ID).

After you enter your criteria, click the Generate Report button.  The report generates as a PDF:


The top section of the report breaks down the office's sales during the specified time period into several categories:

Total Sold / Entire MLS shows the total number of sales recorded on the MLS during the time period.

Listed / Sold represents those listings where the specified office was on both sides of the transaction.

Listed / Coop Sold are instances where the specified office listed the property but a different office represented the buyer.

Coop Listed / Sold are those listings where a different office listed the property but the specified office represented the buyer.

CoList / CoSold are those instances where the specified office both co-listed and co-sold the property.

The next section of the report will display a single line list of all of the listings in each of the five sections.

The bottom of the report displays the office's current inventory.

There is an Inventory Summary section, which just shows the total number of Active, Under Contract- Continue to Show and Under Contract listings, broken down by property type:


The Inventory Detail section displays at the bottom of the report.  This gives a single line view of the Active, UC-CTS and UC listings, broken down by property type and status:


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