Where do I find a list of verified photographers?

There are several different ways to see a list of photographers that are members of the SmartMLS Verified Photographer Network.

You can go to Search> Agent> MLS Verified Photographer :


That opens a very limited search screen that allows to search by ID, photographer's name or Studio/Company Name:


You can also just click the Results button to see a full list of all verified photographers.


We have also added a link to this resource in the External Links widget on the Matrix home page:


This links to a page on the SmartMLS website with a list of all photographers that have gone through the verification process:


Use the field in the top left (highlighted in orange above) to search through our entire Verified Photographer Network.

Note: the search field will search through all fields on all records to find anything that matches what you enter in the field.  For instance, if you want to see which photographers service Tolland county, just type the word Tolland and it will find all photographers who service Tolland county.  There is no Town/City field in these records, so you cannot search for photographers within a specific town/city.

You can search through the list by name, county, service (drone, virtual tours, etc.), phone number, email address, ID, etc.  Essentially, if what you enter matches information on any record, it will come up as a match.

You can also access this page by clicking here .

Note: this list is subject to change as additional photographers join our Network.

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