Matrix main menu bar is missing options

When everything is setup and working properly, your Matrix menu should look like this:


From left to right, you should see My Matrix, Search, Stats, Tax, Realist, Finance, Add/Edit and Market Reports .

There may be times when the main menu bar is missing some of the options on the right side and you see More instead of some of the normal menu choices:


You may even see part of a hamburger menu (three horizontal lines on top of each other) underneath the Contact Us button in the upper right of the screen:


If you encounter these anomalies, it is most likely because your web browser's zoom level setting is different than what Matrix prefers.  Regardless of the browser you are using (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Safari), the system is designed to work best when the browser's zoom level is set to 100%

The quickest way to see if the browser zoom is causing your problem is to hold down the CTRL key in the bottom left of your keyboard (if you are on a Windows-based computer) and either use the scroll wheel on your mouse or hit the + or - sign to change your zoom to 100%  As you do this, you should see the zoom level change in the upper right:


You can also access your zoom setting through the browser's settings menu (in the upper right corner of the screen):


Some users have had issues with the main menu even when their browser was set to 100%  In those rare instances, changing it to 90% or 110% has resolved the issue.

If adjusting the browser zoom does not fix the problem, it could be caused by your display's resolution.  Depending on the size and dimensions of your monitor, your resolution could also cause the main menu bar to not display correctly.  In those rare instances, you may have to change the resolution.

If you would prefer to keep all of your settings the way they are, you could also try accessing Matrix through a different web browser.

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