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In an effort to standardize the way the Complex Name field is populated during listing input and make the information more accurate and reliable when performing searches and reviewing listings, we have created a Complex Name dictionary of valid condo complexes in the state of CT. You must choose the complex from the dictionary when entering a listing on the MLS.

The Complex Name field can be found on the Address tab in Add/Edit:



Click the blue Search for Complex link (directly above the field) to find the desired complex name. You will see the following popup window:


  1. Enter the city in which the property is located. Unfortunately, this information is not passed along from the address information that is already on the listing, so you must enter it here to begin searching for the correct complex name.

  2. Start typing the name of the condo complex and any matches will appear directly beneath the field:

  3. If you don’t enter anything in the Complex Name field and just click the Run Search button, Matrix will display a list of all the condo complexes within the city you entered in the first step:


The dictionary displays 10 complex names per page. Use the numbers in the upper left corner to navigate through the pages until you find the correct complex.

Once you find the correct complex name, click the Fill link in front of it.

You will be brought back to the listing input screen and the selected condo will appear in the Complex Name field:



A couple things to bear in mind regarding the Complex Name field:

  1. When you’re on the Address tab in the listing input form, you can technically type anything in the Complex Name field. However, if it does not match one of the names in the dictionary, you will get an error on the field when you go to save the listing.

  2. The same thing happens if you choose a complex name that is not in the same city as the listing. When you go to save the listing, if you’ve chosen a complex name that does not belong in the city you have selected, you will get an error.

  3. If the condo complex does not appear in the dictionary, please save the listing as Incomplete (INC) and contact us at so we can investigate and get it added to the dictionary.

  4. If your listing is for a property that is not within the state of Connecticut and you do not see the complex name in the list, please select Unspecified. Additionally, you may email to have the complex name added to the Complex Name Dictionary.


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