Create a CMA in Matrix


Run a search to retrieve the listings you will use as comparables in your CMA. Click the select box next to each listing you wish to include in the report.

Click the CMA button at the bottom of the page. The CMA wizard starts and you will see the 8 sections/tabs of the CMA at the top of the page.

Once you have entered the initial information on the Start tab and selected at least one item on the Pages tab, you will be able to navigate to any of these sections by clicking that section's tab.


Start: Select the Contact Name by using the drop down menu. Enter your CMA Description.


Pages: In the Available Pages box, click the + next to the section names to expand sections you wish to include in the report. Clicking an item in the Available Pages category will move it to the Selected Pages category. You may add as many of the available pages as you wish.

To remove pages from your CMA, either double click an item in the Selected Pages category or highlight the page you want removed and click the 2021-04-08_10-12-54.jpg icon.
At any time you may use the up and down arrow buttons to arrange the order of the pages in the report. You may also click the Set as Default link at the bottom of the page to set the currently selected pages as the default for that type of listing. Clicking Restore Defaults will reset the Selected Pages category to none for new CMAs.
Clicking Clear will empty the Selected Pages category.


Subject: You may enter the details for the Subject property by one of three methods.

  1. Clicking the Type in the subject property fields manually link will provide a basic list of Subject Detail fields that you may enter manually, Upload a photo and enter Remarks.
  2. Enter a Cross Property Listing Number to auto-fill from. Click the Fill button after entering the MLS #.
  3. Perform a search for the Cross Property to fill from. Enter criteria for the property you wish to locate then click Search at the bottom of the page. Click the check box next to the property you wish to use as your Subject and click Fill from Selected at the bottom of the page. You may click Revise Search if you did not find the listing you were searching for.


Cover: Contact information is pre-populated from the Contact details you selected in the first tab. You may click Browse to locate an image to use for the Cover photo if you did not include one in the Subject tab. Enter your agent information. Click Set as Defaults to set your agent information for future CMA reports. You may click Browse to locate an image to use on the report in the Agent Photo/Broker Logo section. (Note: Optimal Size is 80 x 120 pixels).


Comparables: Review the listings from the initial search and click the check box to select the individual listings you wish to include as comparables. You may click the check box in the gray header row to select all comparables in the list. Clicking the Remove Selected button will remove those items from the available list. You may also click Search for Additional Comparables (to manually search Matrix for other comps) or Add Comparables from Cart ( if you have previously sent potential comps to a Listing Cart).


Adjustments: Click any comparable listing address or the View in Detail Mode link to see a side by side comparison of the subject and adjusting property. In Single Line Mode, use the Left and Right arrows to navigate to the different fields to enter your adjustments.


Pricing: Summarizes the Comparable and Adjusted Comparable Low/Median and High property values for the Report. You may enter your suggested List Price for the contact, as well as any additional notes. You are limited to 250 & 1000 characters, respectively, for those fields.


Finish: You may click the View CMA button to view the CMA report in PDF format. (Note: these reports require that you have Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.05 or higher).

Click the Email CMA button to email the report to your Contact. You may enter a Subject and Body at this point.

Click the Send link at the top of the page when you are finished.


Save: Click the icon at the top of the page at any time to save the report. You may find it again under the My Matrix> CMAs section. (Note: Navigating from one tab to another will automatically save any changes on the tab you are moving away from).


Cancel: Click the icon at the top of the page to discard any changes to that page and quit the CMA wizard.




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